Home-made Furnace

Aluminium Foundry

Melt aluminium at home with a home-made aluminium foundry

GameBike Mechanical Housing


Turning an exercise bike into a racing-car game-controller

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Bottled Cider Gift Pack

Designing custom gift boxes of robotically harvested apple cider

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CNC Machined Stereo Camera Mount

In 3D machine vision applications, making sure your cameras are held rigidly at a well known separation is critical. This solid aluminium mount holds a pair of PointGrey Chameleon3 industrial cameras inline with each other and offers four baseline mounting options. This is the first project where I've used the OmioCNC machine to mill aluminium (so there are some rough edges), but the result is more than adequate for use as a development mount for data capture.

CNC Camera Mount Close-up Front CNC Camera Mount Close-up Underside CNC Camera Mount Close-up Top CNC Camera Mount
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OmioCNC EPL Post-Processor

Use your OmioCNC Offline Controller (EPL) with Fusion360 and HSM Works

Python tone generator

Python Tone Generator

Generate tones or frequency sweeps on Linux in Python

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Use dmenu to access your files and folders as well as programs



Generate HTML pages in a object orientated fashion with PHP



A property website with advanced search and property profile functionality