Robotics - Japan

Since 2018 I have been working in Tokyo as a software engineer at SEQSENSE while learning Japanese. The company is a start-up making indoor security robots for the Japanese market. These robots primarily operate in corporate office foyers. My contributions here are mostly around indoor mapping and robot simulation. Most robot software is ROS-based and runs inside Docker containers.

SQ2 on patrol Test robots

Robotics - New Zealand

While in New Zealand, I spent four years as a post-doctoral researcher at Robotics Plus, a growing start-up company developing robotics for horticulture. I developed an autonomous vehicle capable of self-driving in kiwifruit orchards. Kiwifruit orchards are particularly challenging due to an inability to reliably receive GNSS signals. This means autonomous vehicles must use perception based sensors. Other projects I was involved with there were a robotic kiwifruit harvesting system and a targeted kiwifruit pollination system. Both used machine vision and deep learning to detect fruit or flowers. In the case of the harvester, four robotic arms were coordinated to harvest detected fruit. In the case of the pollinator, a height adjustable spray boom would deliver a precise dosage of pollen to individual flowers.

AMMP Pollination Harvesting

That role was varied and involved team leadership, mechanical design (Solidworks), machine vision (OpenCV), writing and debugging ROS based software, designing PCBs and programming embedded devices (STM32), integrating and tuning SLAM packages (Google Cartographer), point-cloud based filtering and processing (PCL Library), and training and integrating deep neural networks (TensorFlow & Caffe).


Curriculum Vitae

For more details on my work/research experience, my CV can be downloaded by clicking the image below. If you're interested in adapting this document for your own CV, the source-code is available here.