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Bottled Cider Gift Pack

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After one of our masters students trailed his apple harvesting robot in Hawkes Bay during the 2018 harvest, we had plenty of apples needing a use. During a leisurely lunch-time walk, four of us decided to try our hand at using them to make cider. Knowing how instantly successful it was going to be, we knew we had to brand it and sell it.

As a leaving present for our Chief Operating Officer and a masters student we put together a gift pack for each. The pack was a bottle of the cider with a custom label in a wooden gift-box. Based on nothing more than my name being Mark we decided that my role would be Marketing, while the others would focus on the actual cider making. My job was to invent the brand name, design a logo, and take care of packaging.

After conducting zero market research and consulting a focus group having only myself as a member, the brand Garden7 was decided. A logo was created that included a robotic element, where the number seven is in the shape of a robot arm. This was then turned into a label suitable for printing on label paper and wrapping around a bottle. After that, an engraving design was created that could be engraved into acrylic. An acrylic window was created to replace the original wooden cover, onto which the Garden7 Cider Co brand and a special message was engraved.

DSC 4900Bottle next to the engraved acrylic window

Garden7 Cider LabelVector graphic label used to print onto the labels

Two gift packs of of Garden7 CiderTwo bottles of Garden7 cider with custom engraved acrylic windows

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