After purchasing a X8-2200EPL from Omio CNC I quickly found incompatabilities between the "orange box" that drives with the machine and Autocad CAM software such as HSM Express, HSM Works and Fusion 360. The built-in GRBL postprocessor could be used with the machine but the controller misinterpreted the commands for curves/arcs.

By creating various test cases I determined the issues lay with how the controller was interpreting the compact .nc files that the GRBL postprocessor was generating. I noticed that the default GRBL postprocessor omits X, Y, and Z coordinates between commands if those coordinates don't change between commands. The orange box doesn't like this. Instead of assuming those coordinates remain the same and continuing on, it would use different values (I didn't spend the time to figure out where those values came from). To prevent this happening I created a custom postprocessor for the OmioCNC Orange Box that solves this and modifies the numerical precision to match the controllers internal precision. Using this custom post-processor the OmioCNC Orange Box runs smoothly.

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