Jekyll can generate a static website from posts contained in the _posts folder. This is good for example if you want to display a portfolio of projects (as I do on this website). However, if you also want to be able to have a separate list of things, like notes, how do you do that?

Categorising your posts

Because I use a different layout for my pages between notes and projects, it was convenient to separate my posts using the layout field. For example, this post has the header

layout: note
title:  "Separating posts into categories in Jekyll"
date:   2023-07-01
permalink: /notes/separating-posts-by-category-in-jekyll
description: "for example, lists of projects and a page of notes"

Filtering your posts

In the page where you list all the posts you can change your assignment statement from

assign posts = site.posts


assign notes = site.posts | where: "layout","note"


assign projects = site.posts | where: "layout","project"